Section Officers

Section Chief: Zack Mistrot (Middle)

Section Vice Chief: Tairan Lockett (Left)

Section Secretary: Olivia Needham (Right)

Section Advisers

Section Adviser: Matt Lindsey
Associate Section Adviser: Wayne Haythorn
Section Staff Adviser: Scott Arrington
Area Director: Phillip Shipley

Running for Section Office

Are you interested in running for a Section Leadership position? We need great people to fill these positions, and this is a great way to build your leadership skills in the OA. For information on officer duties, the nomination and election process, please consult the latest edition of the Field Operations Guide.

A petition for section office will be available several months prior to Conclave. This form must be signed by the council’s Scout Executive in order for a candidate to be nominated for any section office.

Before you decide to run, make sure to discuss this with your Lodge Adviser ahead of time and to get your Scout Executives approval.

Download Form

Lodge Chiefs

Wichita Lodge Chief: Sara Russel
Tejas Lodge Chief: Daniel Cleckler
Mikanakawa Lodge Chief: Christan Anderson
Caddo Lodge Chief: Haley Henderson
Nakona Lodge Chief: Logan Taylor
Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk Lodge Chief: Thaddeus Lloyd
Akela Wahinapay Lodge Chief: Blake Maynard
Nischa Achowalogen Lodge Chief: Adrian Avila
Penateka Lodge Chief: Marshall Stewart